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Dried Flowers

Do you love your flowers to last? Something you can cherish and love for years to come? uh huh, me too!

Dried flowers are an absolute favourite and adored by many. You choose the style and colour your after and I'll jam pack that baby with ALL the dried floral goodness. 

Need help deciding on a colour scheme? Reach out via the contact form and we can take inspiration from your home. We all love that perfect match!

Dried Flower Garland

Dried Flower Mirror Garland

From $180

sweetstems stock + globes-22.jpg

Mini Floral Globe // Custom Design


Midsize Globe

Midsize Floral Globe // Custom Design


sweetstems nov5-2.jpg

Large Floral Globe // Custom Design


Dried Flower Wreath

Small Wreath


Dried Flower Wreath_edited.jpg

Midsize Wreath 50cm


Dried Flower Wreath

Large Wreath


Dried Flowers: Holiday Bouquets
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