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The Flower Trough

The Flower Trough


Introducing Sweet Stems ceramic trough flower arangement - where beauty meets sustainability, all in one! 


Crafted with eco-friendly materials, this arrangement not only captures the essence of nature but also keeps sustainability in mind. The ceramic trough is not only a stylish display, but it's also reusable, making it a perfect addition to your home decor long after the flowers have faded. 


Carefully handpicked blooms are artfully arranged in the trough, creating a harmonious blend of colors and textures that will breathe life into any space. From vibrant roses to delicate daisies and lush greenery, each flower is thoughtfully selected to ensure a captivating arrangement that's sure to be a showstopper.


Perfect for on a dining table as centerpiece, on a side table, or at someones bedside -  this eco-friendly Ceramic Trough Flower Arrangement is guaranteed to catch the eye of every visitor and add a touch of natural elegance within the space they choose.


Dimensions: From highest and widest point approx 25cmH x 27cmW



Due to seasonal availability, the fresh flowers used in your arrangement will vary, as your design will be made from fresh flowers available in store, on the day of delivery.  
If you wish to find out exactly what colours I have in store for your flowers, please call on 0273370822 or send me an email

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