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Leave a lasting Impact: The Power of Paying Attention to your Colour Palette and Intricate Details

Ange & James were clear from the start with what their vision entailed. Boho florals, which in my mind entails a wild unstructured shape along with a mix of flower shapes and sizes using both fresh and dried flowers. Natural elements such as grass, palm leaves or ferns is a must. Always a neutral colour palette but add touches of femininity and class through accents of blush and golden tones if desired.

Ange and James knew that having an intimate guest list allowed them to allocate their budget towards the finer details of their wedding day. They made sure to infuse their event with charming touches, like stunning miniature dried flower wedding favours, elegant quicksand roses and petite cosmos on the tables, and don't forget the darn cute touch of gold-rimmed plates. Never overlook the power of the little things!

By focusing on these small yet significant elements, Ange and James created a truly memorable and personalized experience for their guests. It's a reminder that sometimes, it's the intricate details that leave the biggest impact. So take inspiration from this couple's attention to the little things and discover the magic that lies in the finer details of your own wedding day.


  • Choose a colour palette and apply across all elements of the day

  • Look for impactful ways to add beauty and personal touch (napkins, favours, placemats)

  • Intimate guest lists means your budget can be used on finer details instead of Aunt Bettys seat at the table

Image Credit to the wonderful Eilish Burt Photography

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