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Whakatane florist, bay of plenty wedding florist

How Much Will Our Wedding Flowers Cost?

Sweet stems florist, whakatane wedding florist

Wedding flowers are not a one size fits all circumstance and this is why there are no 'buy now' options available, however to give you an idea of what things may cost, I've pulled together a list of my most popular pieces and their starting prices which can be viewed below.


When looking through this, please remember that flowers by Sweet Stems are custom made for my couples, so prices may vary to meet your style, needs and season.

To educate you - the way floral pricing works is based on the current market value and what kind of flowers you are wanting featured on your day. You probably aren't aware but every stem has a different price point, thus, determining the total cost of the floral styling you require. 


Please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact form below,  I look forward to chatting all things flowers!! 


Items generally start from

Bridal Bouquet $260, Bridesmaid Bouquet/Small Bridal Bouquet $200, Buttonhole $25, Flower Crown $40, Cake Flowers $40, Partial Arch From $600 - $1000, Full Arch From $2000+

Sweet stems wedding florist in Whakatane

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If you would like to enquire about your wedding date fill out the contact form.. It's never too early to secure your date!

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